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Cub Camping Time & Talent Incentive For Day And Overnight Camps Form

If you have not registered for the camp you want to attend after working a camp, please go register for that camp at www.summercampsoftware.com/MACCubCamps/Default.aspx.
Then return to this page with your registration number for the camp that you would like to attend for free with your Cub Scout.

Questions about registration? Please contact Scouter Services at 402.431.9BSA (402.431.9272) or email cubcamping@mac-bsa.org.

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Youth Protection Online Training

Cub Camping Time & Talent Incentive For Day And Overnight Camps Form

MAC Cub Camp Training Quiz
*1. Do you need to be Youth Protection trained to be on staff for a Cub Camp?:
*2. Who handles camp "sticky situations?":
*3. Is your camp staff t-shirt considered your uniform if you don't have a uniform?:
*4. Do I have to arrive early to help set up my station and stay until camp is cleaned up?:
*5. For overnight camp I can just show up Saturday morning.:
*I agree to the terms below.:
I agree to serve as a volunteer, in a manner consistent with the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack, and national standards for Cub Scout day camping.

The scope of the staff member’s interest should be larger than the particular job. The position assigned, while being the staff member’s chief duty, is only a part of the member’s interest and responsibility. The caring out of the entire objective and program of the camp and the Boy Scouts of America is expected of the staff member, and he or she will be expected to participate in all of the camp’s activities and endeavors.

The first interest of every staff member is THE BOY. The camp exists and operates for him. In Scouting, we deal through volunteer leaders, and camp staff supplements them, taking from their shoulders the burden of tedious administrative details, strengthening their leadership, and supporting them in their dealing with the Scouts.

Staff T-shirts provided, and staff members will be required to wear the official camp uniform, as prescribed by the camp director. The staff member will wear the uniform while on duty. Neatness and cleanliness in person and living quarters is a fundamental obligation.

A staff member’s person conduct both in and out of camp that may interfere with camp morale or undesirably influence the opinion of the camp neighbors renders the staff member useless for further staff service.

All cars are to be parked in a designated parking lot and to be left there while staff members are in camp.

A health history proving satisfactory physical condition is required before arrival at camp.

*Registration #:
(# is given to you from the 2012 Cub Scout Camping Registration Site)

*First name:
*Last name:
*Street Address:
*Zip Code:
*Phone Number:
The email address you provide will receive a confirmation of this form. Please print a copy of the email and bring it to camp with you and have it signed by your Camp Director.
*Pack #:
If you do not know your district, please click on the link above for our Council map.

Sign-up for the Camp you want to work:
Day Camps = 8 hours worked
2-night overnight Camps = 16 hours worked
1-night overnight Camps = hours at discretion of camp director
Not required to sleep at Overnight Camps, but volunteer must return for second day to get credit.
*Name, location and date of camp:
*I certify the above volunteer information is correct.:

Incentive Camp Info:
Please select the name and date of the camp you would like to attend as your free camp with your Cub Scout.
*Name, location and date of camp: